Would Anybody be Interested in seeing some Flight/Ace Combat Content?

Would you be interested in seeing (Limited) coverage of titles such as flight?

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One common trend I have found is that a lot of sim racers also enjoy flight titles as well. For myself, some of my "guilty pleasure" games were the Ace Combat series.

The other day, I got to test out the PSVR with Ace Combat 7 (which I am beyond excited for), and I got to talk with the Brand Manager of the series. It got me thinking, what if I had a "Diversion Title" segment at times, where I may cover a game or two that isn't EXACTLY racing focused or whatever, but just a fun title, that community members may like?

What are your thoughts?


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I like my flight sims. But I've never been interested in ace combat series. Give me a 2 hour video about a cessna or 737 800 etc. I'll watch it all the way through, just because I like realism. But I have to admit that I have some guilty pleasures too. I LOVE the sci-fi space sims such as Elite and star citizen.

Over all, I don't really have an opinion, but I think that some diversity will bring more attention to all sims.

PS. Got to admit the trailer is pretty cool