Tips for painting on iRacing BY HecticHarry


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Hey guys here is all my knowledge and skills that i have on making a skin iRacing look the best and be the one that stands out.

Here is a sprint car i have made for a friend. Remember these tips will apply to all cars. and ill will be using Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

So firstly lets setup your file. So turn on Wire, Mask, Number Location and Car Decal. If you car is white or purple you can change the colors of the Number Location and Wire

2. Come up with a Sponsor you want For instance "Monster Energy Drinks". Google Search Monster Energy Drink Cars and find there secondary sponsors and so on. Just see who else sponsors the car.
Now find there logos and make then transparent, luckily iRacing Textures are not a high resolution so a 200p x 200p logo would be fine to use. Put those logos onto a separate PSD file for later cars and current car.

3. When making the car do the design first Then add the logos. you want to make this design with the same motion or same direction. So want im saying is if you are creating multiple lines make them all aiming in the same direction so they flow all most like you creating aero for the car make every flow and be facing the right direction unless of course your design isn't about that.

4.keep the same theme throughout the design. So What do i mean by that well look at the photo below.

i keep the same kinda of spike and kink in the shape through out the front wing and main wing on the sprintcar

5. Apply your Main Sponsors logos and adjust design and design to create a that "flow".
You Either wanna create a awesome busy design and just chuck a logo over the top of it or you want to make a simple but effective design and build around the logo

6. Apply the rest of the logos i thing that very effective with logos is keeping that theme so making them all the same colors it ties in with the rest of the car and make it look like one

Awesome now turn off all your Wire, Mask, Number Location and Car Decal and upload to Trading Paints then go RACING!

If you have any Question please post it in here for others too see just incase they wanna know what you wanna know.

Thanks Harry Edwards

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