Thrustmaster T150 - rFactor 2 - FFB goes wild

Luis Moreno

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Ok. So I just finished a full as hell distance race at Monaco just a while ago. There is this one problem I have with my T150 and I am not sure if it's game specific, hardware specific or car specific.

Using a Formula ISI 2012 car, and I notice that whenever I lock the wheels when braking too hard, the FFB of my T150 went nuts. It was shaking and rumbling very wild on the straightaways after I lock on braking.

This also only happens on rFactor 2. I haven't tried the other cars yet though.

Any ideas on how to fix?


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With gear-driven FFB wheels, like the T150, you are going to want to turn up a setting called "FFB Smoothening". That will smoothen out the FFB and make it a little less harsh.

rFactor 2's FFB is optimized for Direct Drive wheels and Belt Driven, so it's with no FFB Smoothening out of box. That gives fast response and quick feedback, but with gear drive, it would be very harsh.

Hope this helps!

Rino Demeulemeester

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What you had is a flatspot after locking the front tyres. That's a feature in rf2. If you watch F1 you'll sometimes hear driver complain about vibration in the steering wheel after a lock up. If it's bad enough they will pit for new tyres. Try locking up until you get the vibration and then pit for tyres. You'll notice it's gone.
Gear driven wheels do indeed go crazy thou. FFB smoothening helps. Think I have it at 8.

So a fix to your problem is to avoid locking up :) Play around with brake bias, brake pressure,brake duct etc. ...

Luis Moreno

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Hello guys :)

Just got back online, was busy with work recently. I was able to tinker around with the FFB smoothing and it helped, but after knowing about the flatspot feature, I might as well get used to it then. Thank you for the tips. Cheers :D