Some Crazy Flooding in Northern California!


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So, apparently my area is getting hit with one of the craziest rain storms in the past twenty years! We are getting some heavy flooding, some areas are out of power too. My friend and I went to get some sandbags, and I recorded some trippy footage of what's going on:

My best friend/tenant's place flooded, so we've been spending a lot of the day working on cleaning around the place, and getting the water out...

Apparently the storm is going to get even worse on Tuesday, so I'm hoping things will stay under control. We're getting some more sandbags from Home Depot (we reached the limit of free sandbags for my town). Our goal is to get it so the water bypasses my driveway/entryway to the property.

Keep us in your thoughts, and I hope everyone else in my area is doing well too!