Sim Racing Personality Shootout!


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One thing that has been on my mind lately is the idea, "What if we got some of the top Sim Racing personalities together for a special race event?" We have some great people representing the hobby of Sim Racing, so it could be great to see us all band together for an event!

I'm still looking at firming up the details, but I'm thinking of bringing people such as Jimmy Broadbent, GamerMuscle, Empty Box, Shaun Cole, maybe one or two guys from ISR, AussieStig, and more! Depending on community reception, we could also get other personalities together, possibly AR12Gaming, TheSLAPTrain, and others. With their expanded subscriber base, we may be able to bring even more exposure to Sim Racing!

For convenience, I'm thinking iRacing could be the best choice for the race itself, but I'm open to suggestions. Let me know what you think!

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Its a tough one since you want it to be on a Sim which everyone can take part in and not have to worry too much about what they need to race in the first place. More of the serious guys would prefer iRacing but the others may not have the content to do the race and aren't willing to get them just to race in the series. I'd say Assetto Corsa is a good middle ground since most already have it on PC and if not they only have to buy it. I would be keen on seeing how this would turn out but it would be pretty hard to pull off..


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Sounds like a great idea! You might also consider inviting folks like Georg Ortner (a.k.a. 6e66o) or Troy Uyan or maybe even Niels Heusinkveld. It would be very difficult to pull this off, but if you manage to do it, it would be an epic race!


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I'd do something a bit more open than iRacing, like rFactor 2 or AC. Don't forget to invite SuperGT - he passes a lot of his time playing Forza, but he plays the hardcore stuff on occasion too.


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id love to take part in this william , im a small youtuber (almost 600 subs) but stream 6 nights a week with various racing titles on pc & console.


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Imagine getting a bunch of YouTubers all in one online session. They could all stream, and then fans of each YouTuber could see the same race from multiple different points of view. It’d give viewers an opportunity to see how different YouTubers drive and act.