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Sim Racing System is shaping up to be a solid cross-simulator online racing hub, and has featured some great partners, such as AussieStig and GamerMuscle! However, one issue is that the primetime races aren't exactly ideal for people on this side of the pond (in the US), as most of us are working during the most popular races!

We at Sim Racing Paddock are looking to help change that! We are working with SRS to help bring some more American-based racing series to the online service, and we need YOUR input! We want to hear your thoughts on what you would like to race in an organized racing series!

In terms of tracks, I'm thinking we'll mix in some of the high-quality American third-party circuits with some first party AC tracks. Virginia International Raceway, Road America, possibly the Daytona Road Course could be great options. Hopefully in the near future Kunos will release Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, so that could be a solid option too!

Also, what series would you be interested in driving? Let us know!
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I, personally, would love to drive Open-wheel. We could stick with the Tatuus, grab the 2009 Williams F1 mod, or (though this costs extra money) do Formula Hybrid. F1 tracks would be my preference too.

Honestly, I'll race whatever though - GT3, DTM, MX-5's all good...just, no Fiats please. I hate the Abarth with a firey passion.


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My iRacing subscription ends today so this couldn't be better timed! My schedule is getting pretty busy right now, at least for summer, but I could probably make time to help get this started.

I like the idea of some of the good North American tracks, although not exclusively. My car preference would be any car, slow or fast, made for running on a track (or modified for the track). I don't particularly like racing the stock road cars.

Can't wait to see where this goes!


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I'm a big fan of small/medium tracks. Places like Magione, Patriot Course at VIR, Vallelunga Club, Mid-Ohio, Ahvenisto. Cars I enjoy running at those tracks include the KTM Xbow, the Evora GTX, various Porsche models, the MX-5.