Recommendation for wheel and pedals for Xbox One and PC


Armchair Racer
I'm looking for recommendations for a wheel and pedal set that can be used for both the xbox one and a PC. Paddle shifters fine, h-shifter not necessary. Preferably something <$300. However, I'd spend more if $300 limits me to low quality gear. I'd be satisfied with something on par with my old G27.

I know there are some hacks to get the G27 to work with the Xbox One, I just want something that works out of the box.



Armchair Racer
You are in luck boi. Inside Sim Racing made a video about this the other day. Very up to date.
Here is the link.
From your info, I think G920 is the best. Unfortunately it is a dual brushed motor (can be noisy(mostly when crashing)), but it is quality wheel.
You could also go for the thrustmaster TX. But it has no clutch. If you want a clutch you'll need to purchase the T3PA pedals, but than the price will be like 30 dollars over budget.
If I'm not mistaking is also has a stronger motor than the G920. Trustmaster also good brand (but I do not have any experience with there products, except flightsticks which are made very sturdy)

Hope this helped


matthias is 100% correct. thrustmaster is the best mid range gear for price vs perforemance and darin and john over at inside sim really know their shizzle!


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I have the G920 it's pretty decent, it may be a bit clunky feeling at times, but it does the job well enough. If I were to do it again, I may go the route of Thrustmaster, just because of the ability to upgrade bits and pieces at a time.