Project CARS... A Spiritual Successor to GTR2?


Armchair Racer
Well, I certainly though so. It may be produced under a different company name, but it was made by the same people, it has the same sort of driving feel, and the menu music is pretty much the same, just spiced up a bit. And, that's what I love about it. I still play GTR2 of course, but, could you imagine PCars2 being basically GTR2, but modernized? It's just a thought. But, I just thought I'd make the case for Project CARS as a Sim, and not as an arcade racer, because, it's not. It actually (In my opinion) drives better then GTR2. But, overall GTR2 is still the champion when it comes to that style of gameplay, but I really think PCars2 has the potential to be one of the best offline racing sims ever made. What does everyone else think?


Armchair Racer
Interesting topic.

I enjoyed both Project Cars and GTR2.
I have the feeling PCars2 will never be one of the best. It will just slowly fade away, as is happening with PCars at the moment.
Not because it's a bad game, but just because of the developers.
PCars 2 being announced even before project cars dlc came out.

If I'm not mistaking PCars 2 will come out in about a year. 2-3 years for developing a 'sim'...
I don't know, Seems short to me if you want a decent experience (unless they just copy 2/3th of PCars1)
Also the crowd funding seems a bit off for me. Why would they need so much money when they made millions with PCars1. When you have capital, use it. Knowing this information, I feel like it's almost begging.

All these factors don't make great games (many other failed games had the same factors)
I am not trying to hate on Project Cars.
I'm just sceptical.

BUT if Project Cars 2 becomes a great sim, I will only have praise.
Though, I do not think it will ever be considered a sim since many gamers (not simers) bought project cars 1. They are the targeted market.


Armchair Racer
I see your point but don't exactly agree with it. I think Project Cars franchise is good and will last as a entry level sim before moving to more serious stuff. It's relatively cheep option for someone who's not sure if they will like simulation games.
Since Gran Turismo and Forza are platform exclusive PCars did not have a competitor in multiplatform sims until AC came up. I wish SMS all the best and cannot wait for PC2.

I've got a question for those who play it:
I'm stuck on karting career for third year in the row. Never received new contracts despite winning championship previous two years. Is that a glitch or just a random chance. Asking because one of my races glitched and I was stuck going round without end. Was kind of funny coz I was first after first lap, then after crossing start/finish line lap count never jumped to number 2 and all of a sudden I was 12th out of 12. Did about 10 laps like that and then decided to restart :p
P.S. PCars 2 comes out on September 22