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Armchair Racer
We are excited about our first Driver Swap event on ACC, our website has been developed with automatic file creation in mind (thx to Meco, our resident Dev).

Teams of 2 drivers, Fri 4th Jun. Q at 8pm (UK) ....TBC....

13 teams registered so far, we are looking for more drivers! Slow or fast you are welcome to join

OTCR. Free, fun and fair racing

Sign up here, www.otcr.dk


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Armchair Racer
OTCR GT3 ENDURANCE 4Hrs of Silverstone (ACC)

Friday 4th June. Q -→ 8pm (UK)

Please read carefully
Password can be found at #server-passwords on race day. Discord https://discord.gg/tZFTfEh

At 7:50 PM UK please join the Driver Briefing channel

ACC GT3 Team event.

Minimum of 2 drivers

(if you have more than 2, please consider rearranging or joining up with others, the more cars on track the better.)

Race info:

Practice – 2hrs 6pm (UK)

Qualifying – 15mins (8pm UK)

Race – 4hrs

Pitstops – Mandatory Driver swaps only,

Tires – 10 sets.

Weather – as real as possible.

Driving Aids:
+ Auto start engine
+ Auto clutch
- all the rest is off

Minimum driver stints, 20mins - 45mins (TBC depending on teams sizes)

Register your team at www.OTCR.dk


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