Is Anyone Still Playing rFactor 1?


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I'm just curious o see how many people are still playing rf1. I've been playing a ton of HistorX and this pretty cool (albeit very rough around the edges) GT3 mod by SargentSam, and I'm having a ball. I know that there are bigger and 'better' things, but, I'm just having too much fun. I haven't paid for iRacing in a while and the newer sims just don't have the amount of content. So, as previously asked, does anyone still play rFactor? I'm getting kind of lonely over here in my own little community of well, myself lol. Don't get me wrong, I do play rF2 and Assetto Corsa, but I just can't let rF1 go.


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I occasionally pull out rFactor, and I have a blast with a few of the cars and track combos on this!

There was this 1971 Formula One mod I tried on com8's Nordschleife:

and then the HistorX mod around Laguna Seca. I love the Trans Am's sound!!!

Lastly, the great DRM Mod, which is coming to Assetto Corsa soon! :D

Great stuff :D