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Hi all. My name is Kev I'm 42 and I'm a race-o-holic.
From stunt car racer on the amiga to gran tourismo on the ps1 to gp3 and cmr 2 on the pc I have loved driving for many years and have quite a collection of sim and arcade titles. I love motorsport in particular F1. I enjoy racing online and at Lans with like minded peeps and play varying race styles from wtcc to gt3 to rally to f1 and many others in between. I just love the thrill of the race.
I have a logitech force gt pro which has served me well and have on occasion been known to use a......(shock horror) game pad depending on the game.
I am currently looking for a wheelstand stand rather than using my desk and am trying to decide what wheel I may upgrade to. I unfortunately don't have room or funds for a full sim rig at present...but maybe one day.

Look forward to seeing you on the grid.


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Hey everyone, I'm Kalvin from just outside the Atlanta, GA area. Started on iracing back in 2012 and have been enjoying it ever since. Currently running in the Premier Racing League in the Coastal Safety Auditors Cup Series on Thursday nights hosted by both the GSRC on Youtube as well as on iracing live!

Current rig:

Thrustmaster t300rs
Ferrari Alcantara rim
Clubsport V2 pedals (that are currently spiking constantly so those CSL elite pedals would be fantastic :))
attached to a GT Omega chassis with triple 23" screens

In before the deadline!


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I am temporarily locking this thread, to mark the end of registration for the competition! I will re-open this thread TOMORROW, where we will announce the winner :D


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The winner has been selected! The lucky recipient of the Fanatec CSL Elite LC Pedals is...

Drumroll Please...


I announced the winner via Live Stream earlier today, here's the video! :) Thank you for taking part, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all will bring to the community in the future!
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Hi my name is Patrick im 23 years old and im from germany. the main sim i play is iRacing. im currently own a Fanatec V2 Base with Formula Rim and CSP V1. but im going to buy a OSW this year ;)


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I'm Mike, 34 years old from Binghamton NY. I've been playing racing games the vast majority of my life, but got my first cheap wheel setup for the forza 3 life cycle. I'm usually playing either PC, or AC these days on the Xbox under the name Lifehigh999. Using a Logitech G920. In my spare time I mainly snowboard, and volunteer as a corner worker at Watkins Glen International.


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I'm Brian from NC.

Been playing racing games most my life since the old Sierra Nascar games on PC.

I'm a Xbox gamer and love Forza and f1, but will be buying a wheel at least for all the great games coming out this fall.

Maybe I'll dip into PC sim racing when I graduate college.
I'm Patrick, 23 years old and from Denmark. Bought my first wheel which was a TM T100 when PCars got released bought a TM T300 when i started to get more into simracing. I mainly play AC and iRacing.

I have always had a passion for cars and motorsport in general. I'm a huge F1 fan and planning to go see the Belgian GP next year. :)

I have a dream of getting my own race car to attend at trackdays or in lightweight racing series here in Denmark.

Looking forward to see you guys on the grid!


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Hi all, Pete from UK
I'm using T300 RS GTE with T3PA - Pro which I'm planning to mount on Playseat Evolution.
I play all kind of racing games but my fav is F1 and GT series. I don't own powerful gaming PC so do my gaming on PS4.

Filip Carlén

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Well, why not?

Hello, names Filip Carlén, lives in Sweden and is a sim-racer, amateur photograph and student at the age of 20. Loves almost everything about racing and rallying, cars in general and also do some scale modeling of cars :p. I have a small Facebook page for my photos of you are interested (I do however write in Swedish since 99.9% of my audience it Swedish, and many of them aren't the best at English). Link to the FB page: I also have a YouTube under the same name, but it is on hold right now because of shitty internet (link:

But enough shameless advertising. As I said, from Sweden, so enjoy watching a lot of rallies, rallycross, folkrace (YouTube it, best grassroot racing ever) and some racing as well. Also love motorsports on TV, currently following F1, DTM, MotoGP, STCC (and a few races live each year).

When it comes simracing, as I said I enjoy most games, pCars being a exception due to the Ai and not liking the physics. Currently racing mostly offline due to, once again, shitty internet. But from time time I do hopp on RaceDepartment and race a club race. Also do some iRacing, but it is a bit expensive for me. Other than that, I mostly drive RaceRoom Racing Experience, offline. As of right now, it is my favorite racing game because 2 things: Great Ai, and great content. Also slightly because the Swedish tracks (been at all except Gelleråsen, and I watch racing at Falkenberg at least once a year). Also might be because I grew up racing Race07 with the STCC DLC, so lovely to race the same tracks again :p

The eqipment I use is a T300 wheel, with G27 pedals (reversed, with nixim brake spring, moved old brake spring to clutch), G27 shifter and a DIY handbrake wired to a G27 shifter button. Everything is stationed in a MDF rig, with a cheap racing seat and a 24inch screen. Planning on using bass shakers in the future, already own SimVibe, but hasn't gotten it to work yet. Also, might get a TH8 sometime.

Great to see another community, and a great opportunity for all of us here to be part of and build this community :)

Marv Bluedorn

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Hello Sim Racing Paddock !! My name is Marv Bluedorn and I've been absent from Sim Racing for the last 3 years or so, but I have jumped back in with both feet and ready to get going again. I am a Mechanical Engineer from Marion, Iowa, USA and enjoy designing and building my own racing cockpits. I've always had racing in my blood starting as a young boy in Moto-Cross, and then moved into Kart racing in my early 20's. I continued Kart racing for over 30 years and finally retired from that a couple of seasons ago. About the same time I lost interest in Sim Racing, but like they say, I can't really shake the racing bug, and have the constant urge to do some competitive racing. I've always been interested in the Arcade Racing games since back in the 1970's and during the mid 70's acquired an Atari 2600 and bought about every racing based game available for that (ie: Indy 500, Enduro, Pole Position, Slot Racers, etc.). I then seriously started getting into Sim Racing back in about 2000 with Papyrus's Nascar Racing 3 for the PC, with a Microsoft Sidewinder steering wheel. I was instantly hooked with the ability to actually compete online live with other racers. Since them I've raced about every Sim/Simcade out there including iRacing, Rfactor, All Papyrus offerings, Nascar Heat, Dirt Rally, Live For Speed, etc. I'm currently building my new Cockpit and in the mean time racing from my desktop with a Thrustmaster TX Wheel, with TP3A Pedals. You can catch me on iRacing and in the many Rfactor servers. I'm pleased to be part of the Sim Racing Community again and love seeing William's videos and browsing this site !!


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Hey, I'm Kenny. I have a teeny amount of Youtube content and it's all over the place. I'm currently using a very outdated wheel and it's attached to my computer desk, but I hope to upgrade and build a basic sim rig in the future. I'm also working on some new Youtube content, but it'll be few and far between. Not much time to shoot video and edit it down.


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Hey guys, my name is Fullhouse, I am 22 years old, and I am in college studying Electrical Engineering. I started racing when I was a kid in Need for Speed at my grandparents house. Ok, you can stop laughing now. The first racing game I ever owned for myself was GranTurismo 2 for the original PlayStation (still have it by the way, and it still works! Both disks!)
Fast forward a few years, and I got hooked on NFS Prostreet on the Wii (Ok, now seriously, you can stop laughing) The thing that really got me into realistic racing however was GT5. I’ve since owned GT6 and am now actively racing in GT Sport. Heck, I have even built a small YouTube channel around testing various cars and screwing around in GT Sport! I’m still sort of a newbie to the whole sim thing, but I just bought an entry level ffb wheel (Thrustmaster T150 Pro if you must ask) and I just can’t get enough of messing around with cars, tunes, settings, and looking to knock every last tenth off a laptime. I recently picked up Project Cars 2, and while the different feel of the game has been a bit of a learning experience, it’s one i’ve Absolutely loved taking. I may be new to the whole sim racing genre, but if you guys’ll have me, I think I’ll be here to stay!
I spent a good chunk of my time racing on keyboard, then controller, and now finally with a wheel and pedals. I would have picked up a wheel much sooner, but being a college student I didn’t have the money. While this may sound like a disadvantage, it’s actually helped me learn learn a lot more about car control and weight transfer.
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Stacy Newcomb

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Hi all,
Another UK member,
Stacy (Male, just to stop people guessing) 61 in May.
Lived in SE London for the first 30yrs, now living in Kent.

Been in and out of Sim racing for what seems like and is a very very long time, had my longest period in Rfactor 1 around 10yrs back with a group called "The Gentlemen's racing club" then had a break for a while and returned with Rfactor 2 and
After the drama which eventually saw the demise of what was an awesome place to chat and race, I fiddled with Assetto corsa and PC, but never really found a home.
Sold my rig, including my very efficient homemade hydraulic pedals, and just walked away, then I saw the invention of SRS and thought, hang on this could be a godsend for even the casual Sim racer, it appears so far to be working, so time for a return.

I am wheel less at the moment and trying to make a decision on what to purchase, there are obviously many options and my budget is reasonable, so I may post a separate thread to get some feedback.

By the way....... I'm slow (but clean)

Cheers guys and hope to share some track time, sooner rather than later (my time may be limited at my age) ;)

Vincent Pontines

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Hello everyone!
My name is Vincent, I'm from Australia, but live around SEA.
I'm 15 years old.

I've been watching SRP content for quite a while now, and I'm pretty excited to join the forum. I don't really have a wheel, so I've been playing sim racing games with a pad, which isn't all that bad. I'm here to meet people who have the same passion as I do for racing. I have big dreams someday of racing in Formula 4 South East Asia, which is quite a stretch, but I hope I can make it someday.

Oh yeah, my other hobbies include composing music and chess.. So there's that.

Nice to meet you all!