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Hey guys! I wanted to open this thread to discuss the upcoming iteration in the Gran Turismo series, Gran Turismo Sport! I know some community members are also in the Beta for it, so maybe let us know your thoughts on it?

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GT Sport is certainly a departure from the previous installments in the series. There's a stronger focus on the online competitive portion of the experience rather than the car collecting/single-player modes that the older games had. It almost reminds me of Splatoon 2 in a way with the game's focus on multiplayer rankings and daily/weekly content rotation to keep player retention. I'm still getting a feel for the driving model myself, but for at least on my Logitech G29, the feedback has been minimal compared to DriveClub VR. I would also say DriveClub VR has a much more substantial VR experience compared to GT Sport's 1 vs 1 VR race against an offline AI opponent. I don't regret getting the game, but there some majors changes from the Gran Turismos of yesteryear.


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Yea think GT is trying new things in hope of making the next numbered GT game better, meaning GT7. For the most part I'm enjoying it. Sim racer will not so much but can use the wheel and still control the car and good times. Good online racing. True GT fans are respectful racers and it nice to have on a console. Forza people just hit you all the time. Game just came out so the online and FIA series stuff will take off and should be very interesting.


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I’m a sucker for any GranTurismo game (my first real sort of simulation racing game was GT2 on the PlayStation), and after playing Sport for a while, I think it’s a very good instalment into the franchise. It’s certainly more multiplayer focused than previous games, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I really enjoyed racing with my buddies in GT6, but the really glitchy and buggy online rooms made it quite difficult.
Also, since it has been released, a campaign mode has been added to the game. It’s not huge, but it’s certainly something fun to do if you want to do some offline racing, and it adds a lot of meat to the game. There’s also been a few tracks and many new vehicles added since release.
Another thing that seems to be a mixed bag for many people is the physics. I personally really like them, the cars feel like they have actual weight to them and you can feel the way the cars move around you much better than, say, Project Cars 2. The tire physics aren’t as good, but given that the game has come out recently, I expect that to improve in the future. Heck, even since I got the game the handling model has been tweaked slightly. I do wish the Force Feedback was a little more clear, the wheel doesn’t give much indication if a tires losing grip, but it weighs up nicely going through a corner now that I’ve got my settings figured out. Sorry about this massive paragraph, hopefully I’ve provided some insight into where the game is at now.