Getting Started in Gran Turismo Sport


Armchair Racer
GT Sport is a very easy game to jump into. No matter what kind of car you buy first, there’s something for you. That said however, some cars are better than others. Here’s a list of what I would consider to be good starter cars:

-Chevrolet Camaro SS: On the face of it, this looks like just another American muscle car, and while it does feature a 6.2L V8 putting down just over 450 horsepower, it’s no one-trick pony. Throwing the Camaro into a corner reveals a neutral, yet forgiving chassis and planted handling that was once reserved for BMWs. Combine that with an extremely affordable price of only 35,000 credits, and there really is no excuse not to have one of these in your garage.

-Ford GT: Most people dismiss the GT as just an exercise in nostalgia with no real substance. Most people are wrong. The Ford GT puts down an intense 550 horsepower to the rear wheels, and combines it with superb cornering grip. Despite this, it’s very forgiving and easy to drive for beginners, all without compromising precision and speed. It’s a little pricey at 150,000 credits, but compared to its main rival, the Ferrari 458, the Ford is a steal.

-Renault Sport Megane RS Trophy: Hot Hatches are a great entry level car, and the Renault Megane is simply the best of the bunch. Despite having 261 horses under the hood, the Megane puts down power well and corners confidently, eschewing the traditional understeering nature of most Hot hatchbacks. It’s not the most affordable Hot Hatch, costing 38,500 credits, but it’s the only one you’ll ever need.

-Mazda Roadster S: As a learning tool, there’s simply no car more well suited than the Mazda Roadster. It may only have 128 horsepower, but with very little weight to carry around, the Roadster easily makes up time in the corners. Almost perfect weight distribution combined with a front engine / rear drive layout give the car sharp, but forgiving handling. It’s dirt cheap too, costing only 24,950 credits.

-Toyota MR2 GT-S: Well known for its nimble handling, the Toyota MR2 is a great choice for someone looking to sharpen their driving skills, and possibly learn some tuning as well. With 241 horsepower going to the rear wheels, the Toyota can be a bit of a handful, but master it and you may find yourself keeping up with (or beating) cars with much more power. It’s a bargain too, costing only 27,100 credits.

-Mitsubishi Evo X: The Mitsubishi Evo X is perhaps the textbook definition of a sleeper. On the outside, the Mitsu doesn’t look like much, but put this thing on a racetrack and it will start embarrassing supercars. The Evo punches 309 horsepower out of a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, but it’s real party trick is it’s 4WD system. Utilizing Active Yaw Control, the car and rip around corners at speeds that many mid-engine supercars can’t match. Not bad for a 4 door sedan! All this capability comes in for a surprisingly affordable 43,000 credits.

Thats my personal list of good cars for getting started in GT Sport. If you feel like I left any out, feel free to let me know! (I purposely left out racing cars as they all cost the same within their classes, and in most cases it’s personal preference that dictates what someone chooses to race)