Getting Bored of DiRT 4?!


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So, I've been testing DiRT 4 for around 3 weeks now, and it's been available to the general public for about 2. Even with the Your Stage "Dynamic Course Creator", it's left me wondering, am I ALREADY getting bored of DiRT 4?



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I've gotta say, when this video came out, I didn't like it. Perhaps I was feeling defensive (after all, I did just drop $60), or felt like defending a game that, in my opinion, is taking a bit more flak than it deserves...
...Last night, I played equal parts Assetto Corsa and (it almost pains me to say it, but) Richard Burns Rally. How is it that I can have the most modern rally racing title sitting next to old abandonware and still pick the old stuff?

This is going to be controversial, but I think DiRT 4 and RBR feel pretty similar. The cars feel heavy in both (I'd give the edge to RBR in this regard), and both have issues, in my opinion, with pace notes. I've watched some rally videos on YouTube, and I've gotta say, I'm tired of playing rally sims in which the co-driver seems hellbent on making sure we're both dead by the end of the stage.

RBR's issue is that they don't use numeric notes (I've just found out that you can download a new audio file that converts the notes to numeric though, so I'm gonna try that this week at some point) and it becomes hard to keep straight how fast to go for an "Easy" versus a "Fast", etc.

D4's issue is that they don't call elevation changes anymore. How Codies didn't think it would be important/useful/valuable to tell me that the upcoming "left 2" (or whatever) coming up is on a steep decline (or incline for that matter) seems ridiculous. If they fixed just that, I think D4 would be significantly improved. If they could add more tiles to the course generator, that'd help too. They're also too keen on calling really shallow curves in the road (curves that, imo, do not require any call whatsoever) as sixes, which sort of pollutes the call space.

I'm not bored with D4, I'm frustrated with it. At higher difficulties, they impose a pace that's nearly impossible to maintain without crashing frequently. I suspect I'll come back to D4 in awhile, but I really want to see Codies put in some effort to resolve some of these issues. As of now, I wish I had spent that $50 on iRacing.


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im into the end of the historical rally series and I have to say 8 stages in wales with the Lancer Delta S4 is pretty brutal! Trying to make it to the triple crown event is definitely a test of wills. I don't know if anyone has experienced this with the rally cars, especially at high speeds, preferably through 6,5,and 4 sections, when trail braking sometimes the car will just randomly go into a spin for no reason. Its so weird. now I know they're can be some odd braking inconsistencies but I don't think im locking them up. And the AI in rallycross seems WAAAAY overly aggressive.


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Braking in D4 is...difficult. I've yet to figure out how to tune out the instability that seems to be inherent in all the cars in the game under braking. It seems like under..."heavy" - no, see, I can't even say that - under anything more than light braking, the ass of the cars get really light, and the car wants to rotate. On one hand, despite DR cars feeling a bit floaty, I always felt/wondered if the game let you brake too hard. Now it seems like any braking causes issues, even if you try to move the brake balance toward the rear from stock.