Electromobiles at racing

Roman Kudla

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What you think about the whole electromobiles thing? Especially electromobiles at racing.
Yeah for daily use it can have more pros than cons like better lifetime, less maintenance, less noise...
But when I see electromobiles at racing it makes me kinda sad.
Like why going to race circuit so quiet you rather read book there or get some sleep.
Are you for added artificial sounds or any other opinion?


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I'm not very environmentally minded, but I do think electric cars are the way of the future. However, they should not be forced upon people directly or by use of restrictions, taxes, and other such things. I'm curious to see how far electric cars develop before something new comes around.

As for racing, electric cars tend to have extremely fast acceleration rates, but lower top speeds. I think it is awesome that electricity powered vehicles are represented in automobile racing, but I would hate for electric engines to completely take the place of traditional engines. As for adding artificial sounds, maybe add noise if safety demands it. But I don't like the idea of imitation, let the engine sounds be as they are.

I think as long as the government stays out of auto racing and doesn't place restrictions, I think the sport will be fine.


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I would say that there is potential with the Electric cars, but we're not going to realize it for some time. I bet there will be some ways in the future to make them sound better, and we'll see how that goes!

Alternatively, I could also see developments in other ways of fueling in the future, so who knows? Maybe in 20 years, we'll have a new power source powering amazing sounding cars ;)

Roman Kudla

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Well I'm curious about the sound. I've spoke with one man from http://www.studentcar.cz/lang/en and he wasn't open to any artificial sounds so I'm really curious if they can make any electronic engine with natural great sound. I really don't find it any enjoyable to watch race without any decent sounds it's like watching race it TV with mute function on.


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I think, personally, that engineered hydrogen is the way to go. Hydrogen compounds that are around the same safety level of gasoline are my solution. It allows for both electric and combustion driven vehicles to run more efficiently using either hydrogen combustion or hydrogen fuel cell methods (of course I prefer hydrogen combustion). Do you know how cheap and easy it is to convert a basic gasoline engine to hydrogen? I mean, for cars, it can be a little more complicated, but it's relatively cheap. If we developed the infrastructure, we could even use it as a clean energy source for use in many applications. Yeah, I'm gonna miss the smell of gasoline and alcohol at the track, but, I think it's worth it if we get to keep everything else.