Drivehub Troubles


Armchair Racer
Hey Everyone,

I'm trying to use a Fanatec CSR wheel with an Xbox One. Since the CSR is an Xbox 360 compatible wheel, I went for the Drivehub to bridge that compatibility gap. I'm having some issues that I don't really understand. After following the setup instructions, the Drivehub and wheel respond exactly as the instructions say they will, so I don't think there is anything going wrong with the setup. The problem is that the xbox doesn't seem to recognize that either the wheel or controller are connected. I have no response with any buttons on either the wheel or controller. If I start with the controller plugged directly into the console, then unplug and connect through the Drivehub, the 'controller disconnected' message never goes away.
I can't seem to find any information on this specific issue online. Has anyone here experienced something similar while using a Drivehub? For clarity, the wheel and the Drivehub have both been updated with the latest firmware. I have followed the setup instructions explicitly including making sure the controller is turned off and following the stated order of plugging in the wheel, controller, and power.