Does Anyone know of any Way to get the DFGT to work with the PS4?


Armchair Racer
Even if I have to use the standard pedals and no H-pattern, playing Project CARS with a controller is an absolute pain, and I have this DFGT, spent an arm and a leg on an H pattern and pedals, only to be able to use it in - most - of my sims. It works great in everything on PC, but, I have PCARS on the PS4 now that my older, more powerful PC has gone to smithereens... again. So, does anyone have any Idea how to get your DFGT to work with it without buying one of those raspberry PI things?


Armchair Racer
Not 100% sure, so you'll have to do a bit more research (since I do not own a current gen console).
But I think you can use a M4 Converter. Here is a link.
It is a bit pricey for what it is in my opinion (but I guess you pay for R&D), but maybe worth it for you.

But remember, I don't know for sure if this works! Never used it before.


even if you got it to recognise tne dfgt, you still wouldnt have any drivers mate and with no feedback it would feel even worse than the ds4 controller,sorry. i couldnt usd my logitec gear either so had to swap to thrustmaster,well worth it thougb.