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  1. WilliamSRP

    Fanatec CSR Malfunctions. Please Help!!!

    In the Fanatec software, "Sensitivity" is the Degrees of Rotation. You set that number to the Degrees you want. If you are turning it down all the way, then that means that it is only 90ish degrees of Rotation. So you need to set it to the Degrees of Rotation you want, or turn it up all the...
  2. WilliamSRP

    Fanatec CSR Malfunctions. Please Help!!!

    From what it sounds like, you have the Degrees of Rotation set off. F1 2020/2019 doesn't support Dynamic Degrees of Rotation per car. So, on the CSR Wheel, you will need to adjust the rotation down to ~360 degrees to get a 1:1 experience. Project CARS would need roughly 900 or so, but you...
  3. WilliamSRP

    I had kinda let the website go to ruin for a little while, and I'm just about to start trying to...

    I had kinda let the website go to ruin for a little while, and I'm just about to start trying to bring it back... We need a bit more community here haha
  4. WilliamSRP

    Best sim race titles for PS4

    I'd say your logical next step is to go for Assetto Corsa. It's a slight step above the other PS4 titles, and it's a lot of fun! However, it doesn't have all the capabilities that the PC version has, but the PS4 version's still pretty solid.
  5. WilliamSRP


    Hey Jason! So basically the situation with the Simucube 2 Pro is that it is designed for PC Only. There ARE work-arounds to get it working on the PS4 I believe, such as the GIMX adapter, but the Fanatec Podium Series F1 wheel on the site is the only Direct Drive wheel currently on the market...
  6. WilliamSRP

    Sim Racing Paddock Logo Competition - Enter Here!

    Hey guys, I'd like to thank everyone for submitting their awesome designs! I selected Christian Pasch's first design, I thought it worked very well with the vision that I had for the site, and it was a pretty awesome design :) Thank you everyone for participating, this was a lot of fun, to see...
  7. WilliamSRP

    Sim Racing Paddock & Fanatec giveaway pedals

    Congrats! It's a really good wheel :) How are you liking the shifter/hb?
  8. WilliamSRP

    Would Anyone have interest in a Nascar Racing 2003 league?

    This could be an interesting idea! I think I have a "Competitions" page in the SRP Discord Channel, so if you want to drop by there, I bet you could find some people interested:
  9. WilliamSRP

    Sim Racing Paddock Logo Competition - Enter Here!

    It’s time for an interesting competition! I want your guys’ help to help make the new Sim Racing Paddock logo! I’ve experimented with a few designs over the past couple months (I originally had the plan to unveil a new logo celebrating SRP hitting 10,000 subscribers, but things got a bit in...
  10. WilliamSRP

    Is there sim racers in so-cal?

    Well, Shaun Cole of the SimPit lives in Ventura County, so you may want to give him an email or something.
  11. WilliamSRP

    John Gordon: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

    The origin of John Gordon: 1:03:52 mark
  12. WilliamSRP

    Thrustmaster T-GT Review

    I have just released my latest review, taking a look at the Thrustmaster T-GT Racing Wheel. With some exciting new features, is this the best wheel from Thrustmaster yet?
  13. WilliamSRP

    Can Virtual Reality Make You a Better Sim Racer?

    Lately, with the development and fine tuning of Virtual Reality as a technology, it's been interesting to see how Sim Racers have been adopting the tech. After a few months of using VR, I wanted to make this video talking about VR, and why I think it works pretty well: Fun topic for...
  14. WilliamSRP

    High End Pedals

    I enjoy my Heusinkveld Pros myself, they work really well. IMO they're in a class above the Fanatecs
  15. WilliamSRP

    Pretend Race Cars Shutting Down

    It's the end of a weird era of Sim Racing. Noted Snarky "Tabloid-Esque" website Pretend Race Cars has officially announced it is shutting down:
  16. WilliamSRP

    Will they optimise forza 7 on the PC?

    I heard a couple days that there is a new NVIDIA driver that really helped... If you have an NVIDIA card, you may want to check that out.
  17. WilliamSRP

    rFactor 2 Videos

    Here's some Formula E!
  18. WilliamSRP

    Simraceway active but not?

    I noticed that recently, and I'm going to take a look at it soon!
  19. WilliamSRP

    New iRacing Series, with REAL NASCAR Drivers!!

    Apparently, iRacing is kicking off a new series today, featuring REAL NASCAR drivers! Should be exciting to watch :)
  20. WilliamSRP

    Announcement Giving Away 6 F1 2017 Keys!!

    Hey Guys!!! Thank you for everyone who participated! I am closing the competition now, and the winner will be revealed in a little under half an hour at 8:15 AM Pacific Time (3:15 PM GMT) at!