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    Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Wheel

    And finally some details:
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    Timescale v Patience = ?

    Well, I estimated 1250 Eur including shipping for the set, shouldn't it be around 1100 GBP, or is something making the exchange rate worse in this case?
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    Timescale v Patience = ?

    For example CSW V2.5 + BMW + CSP V3 with your budget. In the next update round you can add F1 + shifter and it's pretty complete for any type of car. If console support is required, then CSL or CSL PS4. Option 4 might be interesting, but maybe it's safer to wait for reviews and stuff like that...
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    Sim Racing Paddock & Fanatec giveaway pedals

    The shifter has a nice short throw feeling with sufficient resistance (in the H-pattern mode), and it transforms fast into the sequential mode. Especially the latter I have been waiting from this update, since the previous shifter required few minutes of work between the modes, and therefore it...
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    Sim Racing Paddock & Fanatec giveaway pedals

    I updated also the upper part of my rig into Fanatec HW (it's CSL Elite PS4).
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    Sim Racing Paddock & Fanatec giveaway pedals

    Excellent setup! Here is my T300 & CSP v3 combination:
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    Sim Racing Paddock & Fanatec giveaway pedals

    Addy, great! Can you even use the full inclination scale, or does it get too tight with zero degrees? By the way, do you have CSL Elite wheel base as well? That should be my next hardware upgrade. :)
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    Fanatec Mystery PS4 Product Teased

    Very interesting release. William, can you review it soon? ;)
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    Thrustmaster F1 Paddle Shifters

    Has anyone had issues with the paddles misbehaving with the F1 add-on wheel? I started to have issues last year, and saw from RaceDepartment that Omron B3F-5051 switches are direct replacement for the switches on the paddle circuit boards. Otherwise they are good, but the pushing force was...
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    Sim Racing Paddock & Fanatec giveaway pedals

    Thanks man, I will remember if I some day switch to PC. Currently I'm using the pedals on a console and lacking the rumbles.
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    Sim Racing Paddock & Fanatec giveaway pedals

    And here they are on a Simetik K2 sim rig. The pedals weigh a lot and the same heavy-duty feeling is present also while driving. These are my first load cell based pedals (I'm coming from a T3PA-set), and I would say that adjusting the amount of braking is a lot easier, like it should be. On the...
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    Sim Racing Paddock & Fanatec giveaway pedals

    Yesterday a UPS delivery guy visited me, which means that the prize pedals of William's lottery have arrived! There was a small adjustment we made with Fanatec. When I started to plan hardmounting of the Elite LC pedals, which Fanatec was about to ship to me, I noticed from the online manual...
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    And the Winner of the Fanatec Giveaway is........

    :) What a lucky day, and thank you for the competition! I have a PS4 which is not the optimal platform for these, but I have also Basherboards CPX adapter, which should make the situation a lot better. Let's see how everything will interoperate.
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    Introduce Yourselves Here!

    Hi all, I'm Make from Finland, gamer on a PS4/Thrustmaster ecosystem. I have been mostly playing Assetto and PCars recently, but should try to find some time to practice Dirt and F1 2016 as well. It is great to have a new forum. Happy new year everyone!