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  1. Gravity

    How would you feel about Gran Turismo 3 remastered?

    How would you guys feel about having a game that was mostly identical to Gran Turismo 3, but with updated (but same style) graphics, and new cars along with the old ones? I'd also like to see the used car dealer too, but, other then that, leaving the game untouched. What would you think?
  2. Gravity

    What Are The Best Fictional Cars/Series in Sim Racing?

    I'm looking for the best, and most realistic, fictional cars (or whatever else) in sim racing. Preferably things similar to what Automobilista has to offer. I'm looking mostly for rFactor 1 open wheel stuff for myself, but, all answers are welcome. What do you guys think?
  3. Gravity

    Is Anyone Still Playing rFactor 1?

    I'm just curious o see how many people are still playing rf1. I've been playing a ton of HistorX and this pretty cool (albeit very rough around the edges) GT3 mod by SargentSam, and I'm having a ball. I know that there are bigger and 'better' things, but, I'm just having too much fun. I haven't...
  4. Gravity

    Does Anyone know of any Way to get the DFGT to work with the PS4?

    Even if I have to use the standard pedals and no H-pattern, playing Project CARS with a controller is an absolute pain, and I have this DFGT, spent an arm and a leg on an H pattern and pedals, only to be able to use it in - most - of my sims. It works great in everything on PC, but, I have PCARS...
  5. Gravity

    Project CARS... A Spiritual Successor to GTR2?

    Well, I certainly though so. It may be produced under a different company name, but it was made by the same people, it has the same sort of driving feel, and the menu music is pretty much the same, just spiced up a bit. And, that's what I love about it. I still play GTR2 of course, but, could...