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    Project CARS... A Spiritual Successor to GTR2?

    I see your point but don't exactly agree with it. I think Project Cars franchise is good and will last as a entry level sim before moving to more serious stuff. It's relatively cheep option for someone who's not sure if they will like simulation games. Since Gran Turismo and Forza are platform...
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    Introduce Yourselves Here!

    Hi all, Pete from UK I'm using T300 RS GTE with T3PA - Pro which I'm planning to mount on Playseat Evolution. I play all kind of racing games but my fav is F1 and GT series. I don't own powerful gaming PC so do my gaming on PS4.
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    Comparing Different Sim Racing Display Technology

    I feel like an amateur here coz I mainly play on PS4. Got the steering wheel, surround sound and waiting for PlaySeat Evolution to turn up this weekend but I'm just sitting in front of 49inch TV. I would love to play my racing games in VR but that would mean getting new PC and VR itself. I...
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    Mad Catz Bits the Dust

    "...Bites..." :p Shame but not surprised
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    RUSH - 1976 F1 Movie

    Very good film. I like the fact that my Blu-ray disc box was red rather than blue. I recommend "Senna" if you haven't seen it. Also Talladega Nights - bit stupid but funny. At last but not least, my guilty pleasure from childhood - The Wraith - basically film about nothing but damn, I loved that...
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    Favorite team for career

    LOL! Just make sure you switch off mechanical failures! ;) Personally I like to start in the mid-field. Last year's edition went with Renault and probably will do the same in 2017. There's a lot of room for progress and IMO best looking car this year!
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    Announcement Giving Away 6 F1 2017 Keys!!

    1.Peter Radtka 2.PS4 3.Michael started with Jordan team then moved to Benetton Thanks for the giveaway