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    Would Anybody be Interested in seeing some Flight/Ace Combat Content?

    I like my flight sims. But I've never been interested in ace combat series. Give me a 2 hour video about a cessna or 737 800 etc. I'll watch it all the way through, just because I like realism. But I have to admit that I have some guilty pleasures too. I LOVE the sci-fi space sims such as Elite...
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    i5 6600k without a gpu???

    Depends, laptops can have 2 GPU's.The integrated but also a dedicated. But yeah, iRacing isn't too hard to run. Graphics aren't the best so not a big load on the GPU, physics are just calculated on the CPU (which is the most important imo)
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    i5 6600k without a gpu???

    Well, since you don't have a dedicated graphics card, you'll have to use your integrated graphics card. These asus motherboards usually have a IntelHDGraphics 'graphic adapter'. The higher priced models most of the time have 1024MB (1GB) of VRAM (if we can even call it that). But there is a...
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    Does Anyone know of any Way to get the DFGT to work with the PS4?

    Not 100% sure, so you'll have to do a bit more research (since I do not own a current gen console). But I think you can use a M4 Converter. Here is a link. It is a bit pricey for what it is in my opinion (but I guess you pay for R&D), but maybe worth it for you. But remember, I don't know for...
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    Recommendation for wheel and pedals for Xbox One and PC

    You are in luck boi. Inside Sim Racing made a video about this the other day. Very up to date. Here is the link. From your info, I think G920 is the best. Unfortunately it is a dual brushed motor (can be noisy(mostly when crashing)), but it is quality wheel. You could also go for the...
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    Project CARS... A Spiritual Successor to GTR2?

    Interesting topic. I enjoyed both Project Cars and GTR2. I have the feeling PCars2 will never be one of the best. It will just slowly fade away, as is happening with PCars at the moment. Not because it's a bad game, but just because of the developers. PCars 2 being announced even before...
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    Going Down to CXC Simulations This Week

    Interested in seeing some custom rig such as this: These look even more advanced than the demos at the local racetrack. I'd also like to know the price ;)
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    FIA Formula E Visa Vegas E-Race Discussion

    Never liked fanboost. All I'm going to say...
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    iRacing Gets Porsche

    Ditto Milan Radivojevic, iRacing needs some better LMP1 cars. Acura HPD is good, but if they would release the R18, 919, TS050 or maybe GT-R LM I'd consider coming back to iRacing.
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    Introduce Yourselves Here!

    Heyo, My name is Matthias. I live in beautiful Belgium. I have been simracing for about 2 years. My experience, well I tried iRacing (bit too expensive), AC (solid sim), RRRE (go-to chilling sim) but real first experience, 2 year old nascar 99 (disk burned) copy for the playstation 1 (I was only...