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    Simraceway active but not?

    did you manage to get in contact with Cossacco William? any news on if we are able to sign up soon to play the game?
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    Tips for painting on iRacing BY HecticHarry

    Hey guys here is all my knowledge and skills that i have on making a skin iRacing look the best and be the one that stands out. Here is a sprint car i have made for a friend. Remember these tips will apply to all cars. and ill will be using Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 So firstly lets setup your...
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    iRacing Dirt | Midget Leaked Photos

    These are the leaked photos of the Dirt Midget. Its a Keith Kunz Chassis with a toyota engine that has been Scanned. no release date yet But i guess they will get these out before Christmas (hopefully)
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    Dirt Sprintcar PSD Template Helper

    Hey guys HecticHarry here! This is my custom Template for the Sprintcar in iRacing! Here is how you use it Open the file in Adobe Photoshop CC Find the folder called either "Left Side" or "Right Side" this should have 4 layers in both folders Right click any layer does not matter. Then find...