What is your Favorite Race Car?

Discussion in 'General Car Discussion' started by WilliamSRP, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. WilliamSRP

    WilliamSRP Administrator Staff Member

    I thought a fun piece of discussion would be talking about some of our favorite race cars!

    One of my favorite race cars is the BMW Z4 GT3 race car, with it's absolutely INSANE sounds! I mean, just listen to this ;)

    Wouldn't you love to get behind the wheel of that? :D

    So, what are some of your favorite race cars?
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  2. Gravity

    Gravity Armchair Racer

    Hmm... I definitely can't pick just one, it really comes down to which one I'm thinking about at the moment lol. But right now, I'd have to say it's the Sauber C11. The noise that thing makes! It drives like it should, it sounds like it should, and just as fast as it needs to be to be amazing. I think race cars are becoming to docile, and at the same time, too fast to be enjoyable. Bring back the noise, the thunder and theatre, the close racing, the difficulty in the car itself and in the racing, and not in the speed. Can you really say I'm wrong? Tomorrow it'll probably be the Porsche 917K, and Monday it'll probably be some Group 5 car, and the day after that, some Group B rally car, and after that... you get my point. but right now, the Saube... actually, you know what, I think I like the XJR-9, or maybe one of those 70's RSR Porsches, or...

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  3. fil140

    fil140 Rookie

    a very debateable choice for me would leave a lot of sim racers scratching their heads and saying "but why?" and to be honest, im not sure, but anyway gentlemen i give you the 2016 ferrari SF16-H
  4. Roman Kudla

    Roman Kudla Armchair Racer

    Porsche 917 or 962, those are beats, I can't decide between them, doh.
  5. fil140

    fil140 Rookie

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  6. AOR Raikkonen

    AOR Raikkonen Armchair Racer

    My favourite car is definitely the McLaren in 1988 drove by Ayrton Senna that car was amazing.
  7. Wesley H

    Wesley H Armchair Racer

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, less fancy than some, but Tommi Makinen did some wild stuff in it.
  8. Patrick.B

    Patrick.B Administrator Staff Member

    Always Porsche ! GT3


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