Thrustmaster T150 Friction Free Mod

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    Thrustmaster T150 ball bearings belt tensioners mod.


    My advice is to buy quality made/expensive bearings.
    Ball bearings dimensions:
    Internal diameter-3mm.
    External diameter-8mm.
    Attention:this mod will void your wheel warranty!
    Attention:before loosening the bolt of the belt tensioner mark the exact position of the belt tensioner (as in the picture,use something sharp)because you will have to return it to the exactly same position when you finish!
    There is a hole in the front cover in which there is a rubber pad,remove it and you will have access to the bolt.(see the bottom picture)
    You will also need about twenty washers for M3 bolts.The axis of the belt tensioners is about 11mm. long and the ball bearings width is 8mm.You will fill this gap with washers.
    This mod can be made without disassembling the entire front end of the steering wheel,simply remove the top cover(it is a little tricky to be made like that but can be done)
    This mod will reduce the friction which will make your wheel little smoother, little faster and you will feel little more details in the force feedback especially around the center of the wheel,you will also feel better when the car start to oversteer.

    This is step 2:ball bearings in the gear wheel(I'm not sure how reliable this step is,I made this step 6 months ago):
    Ball bearings dimensions:
    Internal diameter-6mm.
    External diameter-10mm.
    I used two ball bearings from this side:


    and one from this side:


    Step 3:Ball bearing in the electric motor is ready and the friction free mod is complete.
    If I have to be honest this mod is not completely friction free,there is still some friction if over-tighten the belt but much less than before.Six holes in the motor for better cooling.
    Ball bearing dimensions:
    NSK 604 ZZMC3E
    Internal diameter-4mm.
    External diameter-12mm.
    The electric motor shaft is 3.17mm for that you need to make a bushing(I'm not sure if this is the correct term,you will see it if you look at the photos)


    Steps 2/3 are very difficult and only a small mistake will destroy your wheel.
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