Recommendation for wheel and pedals for Xbox One and PC

Discussion in 'Xbox One Discussion' started by racerdad, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. racerdad

    racerdad Armchair Racer

    I'm looking for recommendations for a wheel and pedal set that can be used for both the xbox one and a PC. Paddle shifters fine, h-shifter not necessary. Preferably something <$300. However, I'd spend more if $300 limits me to low quality gear. I'd be satisfied with something on par with my old G27.

    I know there are some hacks to get the G27 to work with the Xbox One, I just want something that works out of the box.

  2. MatthiasB

    MatthiasB Armchair Racer

    You are in luck boi. Inside Sim Racing made a video about this the other day. Very up to date.
    Here is the link.
    From your info, I think G920 is the best. Unfortunately it is a dual brushed motor (can be noisy(mostly when crashing)), but it is quality wheel.
    You could also go for the thrustmaster TX. But it has no clutch. If you want a clutch you'll need to purchase the T3PA pedals, but than the price will be like 30 dollars over budget.
    If I'm not mistaking is also has a stronger motor than the G920. Trustmaster also good brand (but I do not have any experience with there products, except flightsticks which are made very sturdy)

    Hope this helped
  3. fil140

    fil140 Rookie

    matthias is 100% correct. thrustmaster is the best mid range gear for price vs perforemance and darin and john over at inside sim really know their shizzle!
  4. AOR Raikkonen

    AOR Raikkonen Armchair Racer

    Thrustmaster Tx is the best for the money

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