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  1. Jason Jacoby

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    Hey, guys! So, I've been asked to post a thread about my rig, so here it goes!

    Up until midway through 2016, I had always sim raced at a desk, using a single monitor. I had the desire for something more, so I wanted to upgrade to some of the finest components possible. I'll explain how it came about in a bit, but here are some of the items used in the sim rig:

    • HPP PRX-SE pedals (
    • Leo Bodnar SimSteering2 (54) (
    • MPI NASCAR MPI-15-O wheel
    • Hendrick Carbon Fiber racing seat
    • Race-used Long NASCAR shifter with CV Products knob (purchased from eBay)
    • Race-used shifter boot and window net (eBay)
    • Race-used carbon fiber floor plate (eBay)
    • Computer with two GTX 980s, Intel i7 6850K, Samsung 950 PRO, and 64GB of RAM (
    • Oculus Rift

    If you would like to get a rig like this, please contact

    As I saved up money, the dream of the sim rig was given more and more life. I had the advantage of a couple of credit cards, so that helped me, too.

    Here's how the rig initially was planned (you may find this story interesting):

    I was using a G27 and a mid-grade PC when I first decided to go the sim-rig route. I have a friend who races cars at the local dirt tracks, and he was all-go for building the rig for me. Things were pushed off more and more, as things came up for the both of us, however.

    The initial parts I had were a Kirkey racing seat and a Schroeder NASCAR wheel to screw onto the G27. As setback after setback occurred and we couldn't get the rig built, I ended upgrading to fancier equipment (what you see now).

    I was delivering pizza to a great gentleman in the area, and he asked me what my dream was in life. I told him that that was to be a NASCAR driver, and he told me that he had done some artwork for a race team owner here in Athens. He ended up giving me the contact info for him.

    I was very afraid to contact a late model team owner, as I didn't have anything to offer financially. I eventually inquired about a sim rig (something more within the means of affordability), and he invited me to his race shop. Sure enough, he showed me a picture of a beautiful rig that he had built for another client.

    Now you have seen what he has built me, and soon this year, he will be able to build you one if you would like. Things are just getting off the ground in his new shop, but he will be able to custom-build these in the near future.

    Here is a video that I posted on YouTube:

    Thank you so much for reading!! I'll be glad to answer any questions :)

  2. Milan Radivojevic

    Milan Radivojevic Armchair Racer

    That rig is outstanding! Great job man!
  3. 5ragnar5

    5ragnar5 Armchair Racer

    This rig is definitely one of the crazy ones...and packs some great gear. And you still can go further and add motion simulation etc.
  4. Roman Kudla

    Roman Kudla Armchair Racer

    All that just to steer to the left? =) Pretty nasty setup. Only thing I would change are those two GTX 980 for GTX 1080, much more power efficiency and power.
  5. Jason Jacoby

    Jason Jacoby Armchair Racer

    Thank you, Milan, ragnar, and Roman!

    ragnar, you're exactly right. Motion is definitely capable with this cockpit, and that would make this awesome rig even that much more awesome :p

    Roman, I totally agree. I would have gone with a GTX 1080 or two, but most of the parts were purchased in 2014. I had to upgrade a few components due to some bugs (hence the 6850K and Samsung 950 PRO), but I would love to put one of those cards in there :D
  6. fil140

    fil140 Rookie

    that is such a cool rig jj great work
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