iRacing Gets Porsche

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by WilliamSRP, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. WilliamSRP

    WilliamSRP Administrator Staff Member

  2. Dave R

    Dave R Armchair Racer

    I'd like to see the GT4 car as well, but have no idea what class to run it in.
  3. Milan Radivojevic

    Milan Radivojevic Armchair Racer

    I would like to see a LMP1 car.. I think that will be huge step forwad for iRacing endurance racing
  4. MatthiasB

    MatthiasB Armchair Racer

    Ditto Milan Radivojevic, iRacing needs some better LMP1 cars.
    Acura HPD is good, but if they would release the R18, 919, TS050 or maybe GT-R LM
    I'd consider coming back to iRacing.
  5. Nirvash

    Nirvash Armchair Racer

    I think the first Porsche car will be a free download. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Gravity

    Gravity Armchair Racer

    The GT3/GT3 Cup car so people can stop using the RUF lol. Also the Cayman GT4 because... that thing is awesome, like a strange, classic race car, but... with actual grip! And also the 917 (I actually want this more then the Cayman!), and also (again) the 911 GT1 (the ridiculous one).
  7. Milan Radivojevic

    Milan Radivojevic Armchair Racer

    I think they will put the Ruf car in base content now when porsche is goint to be relased

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