EEC LeMans Series v1.7

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    Endurance mod created for Automobilista
    dl basemod:!ChZ1hAgC!4mh1mJxMFxFPIJu6B0JETgEWjUvWib6-Te_oLqKPj-I
    dl update:!yhwwBYzK!P4WYVyCv1IZzMe9tELw1ieieok6JKxWfFR1ZaFrEkII
    dl shared:!mpgByLbD!DEnHA3_R0i5HmYMDfRLjZg
    dl Template:!TgZXHZQK!JNjTa53a19kAHPuiUPdnhQ

    eec lemans series v1.7 update
    fixed black glass on corvette dp cockpit
    added visible windscreen banner on corvette dp cockpit
    fixed wrong lit at night setting for corvette dp shadow and collision gmt
    unpack and drop into your ams install, if a message appears to overwrite files click on yes all!

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