EEC GT3 Base v1.9

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Lorenzo De Ciutiis, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Lorenzo De Ciutiis

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    this is the GT3 mod created for Automobilista:
    dl basemod:!TkxU0KxI!VWT_GH9_46s5sGmAeukXroclB81aVH9RmGxIZXor5fA
    dl update:!vpInjQjL!O9VU6MA9v7la-FbcKdjbSEEizblDZmJXApSmv94gTxQ
    dl shared:!mpgByLbD!DEnHA3_R0i5HmYMDfRLjZg
    dl Template:!q5IXjSSS!_Gqrt0jt8vkkq9LjoeL8jw

    eec gt3 v1.9
    overall just a pitstop setting fix for 991r
    this mod is final now and there wont be more updates!
    unpack and drop into your ams install, if a message appears to overwrite files click on yes all!
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  2. Branden Elmes

    Branden Elmes Armchair Racer

    thanks! this is a great mod!
  3. Patrick.B

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