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    One thing sim racing titles (or any racing title for that matter) seem to do is always go for the fastest version of each car they plan to include. This makes sense, why would anyone want to drive a V6 F-Type when there’s an F-Type SVR available?
    Why not have both? I know pretty much no one would go for the slower one, but I could certainly see myself taking a V6 F-Type out to race with my buddys who are racing stuff like RX-7’s or Supras. I’ll bet that V6 car would be a great learning tool on track too. No overwhelming power constantly trying to kill you, so you can focus on balance and finesse. You could start a career mode in a low end car, then after doing some racing you could reward yourself with the faster version of said car.
    If nothing else, lower end cars could serve as sort of filler to bolster the number of cars within the game. Look at the GranTurismo series. GT6 has over 1200 cars! You could go for a V10 powered Audi R8, or if you wanted something a little more balanced you could have the V8 instead. (The V8 was actually better with upgrades anyways) How about a Mercedes SL65 AMG. Is the V12 with 700ft-lbs of torque a little much?Why not go with a Mercedes SL63 AMG instead, with a more reasonable, but still quite powerful, V8? I don’t approve of the whole Premium versus Standard cars thing GT had going for a bit, if a game did this, I would want full detail on all the cars, not just the top range ones.
    Is this just me being ridiculous, or do you guys feel the same way? If given the option to use lower end cars in addition to their top tier counterparts, would you give them a try? I know I would!

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