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  1. RobertGM2
    A fan of old school racing sims.
  2. SimRacingNoob
    A casual gamer that fell ass backwards into sim racing
  3. Daniel_van_der_veer
    im a dutch guy what just look into sim racing
  4. ozrdog
  5. Jorel Decker
  6. Natalie
    F1 columnist and religious gamer.
  7. Evian
  8. clintusmaximus
    When in doubt, flat out
  9. WilliamSRP
    Burnin' The Virtual Rubber!
  10. Branden Elmes
    Branden Elmes WilliamSRP
    SRP! Lets do this! Hey William I'm really digging the site and your idea behind this all, a great idea indeed. caught your stream of Dirt 4, very good stuff brother!
    I hope to see more people on here as well! and some competitions sound very interesting :)

    Hey Phil! lol
    1. WilliamSRP
      Thanks :D Had a lot of fun doing the DiRT 4 coverage!

      Remember, post in the forums if you want it to keep going! We don't know what the community wants unless you tell us!
      Jun 8, 2017
  11. fil140
    fil140 WilliamSRP
    ok william, lets get this thing rolling. Ive been quite poorly since we last spoke back in january but im gonna start dropping SRP into iracing chats and conversations, im streaming on twitch now too so im gonna post the link up there too, hopefully we can start gettin you some recognition brother.
    1. WilliamSRP
      Thanks man! I'm trying to promote the Forums in my videos, but it's easier said than done. Trying to organize competitions too, but we'll see if people join in.
      Jun 4, 2017
    2. WilliamSRP
      Remember to also post in the forums (posts/threads/etc) if you're wanting to help keep it alive! :D
      Jun 8, 2017
  12. fil140
    I am following juice!
  13. Juice
    Juice fil140
    flipping 'eck 21 messages already, damg you been hungry for information bruv...:)

    btw how come your not following me :(
  14. Gravity
    One day, it'll be an actual car that I've stuffed into a tire wall.
  15. fil140
    fil140 Juice
    hey yo!