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  1. Vincent Pontines
  2. fil140
    fil140 Stacy Newcomb
    Yeh just a friendly group of voices to hook up with for giving and getting tips, advice, opinions........if you have discord then shoot me your hashtag!
  3. Stacy Newcomb
    Stacy Newcomb
    Which is unavailable in Iracing, Fanatec is top of my list if the DD takes too long to go on sale.
  4. Stacy Newcomb
    Stacy Newcomb
    Not a hope of me going VR, motion sickness is a constant threat. Iracing has never captured my attention, I used to be Bonnet cam boy.
  5. Stacy Newcomb
    Stacy Newcomb
    I'm limited to 140, so this could take a while.
  6. Stacy Newcomb
    Stacy Newcomb
    Hi Phil, not entirely sure what you are offering me ?, I'm guessing a group to race with ?, be great one I get some new gear.
  7. fil140
    fil140 Stacy Newcomb
    I had to copy delete and paste cos you have a 240 charachter!
  8. fil140
    fil140 Stacy Newcomb
    Mate, please read the bottom message first!
  9. fil140
    fil140 Stacy Newcomb
    I gave in and spent 90quid on an kculus dk2 and after a weekof settling in to it, I now love it and couldnt ever go back, ive tried. VR is more than 3d or 4d, its so immersive!
    So shoot me a pm if you want a new buddy and possibly a new group of loonies!
  10. fil140
    fil140 Stacy Newcomb
    As for hardware mate, we have all gone fanatec recently, id say clubsport pedals V.3, clubsport wheel v2.5, and both formula black and bmw m3 gt2 wheel rims.
    Also, have you gone to VR. I was very sceptical and didnt like the drop in frame rate and resolution after waiting for so many years for the visuals that we now have, however, after constant badgering from the boys,
  11. fil140
    fil140 Stacy Newcomb
    So a very varied bunch, we are very selective about who joins our group but we do like to find new members. Most importantly, are you an iracer? If not, WHY?!!!! its the most competitive and well sanctioned sim there is, with the best lazer scanned circuits of any, plus, where else can you find yourself in practce session with Rubens Barrichello, Nikki Thiim or Dale earnhardt jr. ?
  12. fil140
    fil140 Stacy Newcomb
    Juice is a part time decorator, adam is a brummie house husband, dave is a street sweeper driver from leeds, brandon is our youngster seeking work in alberta canada, gordon is our star driver up in scotland and ben is a super yacht engineer from brighton currently in the west indies competing in the st.barths bucket regatta on the yacht WISP
  13. fil140
    fil140 Stacy Newcomb
    Hey stacy, my names phil. I have been in and around simracing since 1997 through consoles into pc. Im 47 with a large family, my time is limited too but along with my buddy skyyjuice, we have built ourselves a nice lil group of friends,
  14. RobertGM2
    A fan of old school racing sims.
  15. SimRacingNoob
    A casual gamer that fell ass backwards into sim racing
  16. Daniel_van_der_veer
    im a dutch guy what just look into sim racing
  17. ozrdog
  18. Jorel Decker
  19. Natalie
    F1 columnist and religious gamer.
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